Welcome President-Elect Donald J. Trump- Please help us Make America Great Again!


Helping to restore our Constitutional Republic

At last, The Deck of Deception, Degradation, Destruction, Delusion !!!

Playing cards of ObamaWorld Villains, Heroes and victims  (guess which is which)- 


Show this to fellow patriots, friends, relatives, associates, govt. officials!  Torment Progressive Obots with them. 


Be the first in your Tea Party, cell, congregation, platoon, parish, team, party, caucus, to see this! 


Donate to help us 

We are doing this to raise public awareness of Obama's ineligibility for the Presidency, corrupt administration, some players involved and the need to TAKE ACTION!  


(click on images to enlarge. Characters depicted may change. We only regret that only 52 cards and 2 Jokers are insufficient to describe the full scope of people involved.)




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