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Today the United States Supreme Court announced that the Case  Judy v. Obama 14-9396 dealing with Obama's Ineligibility would indeed go to Conference June 18th,2015! 

"Probably the most important thing for people to know", '08,'12 Cody Robert Judy - Candidate for U.S. President 2016 said, "is that there is no reason to panic or not to continue your daily routines while the Government sorts this out because it is primarily just that, a sorting out the Government will address. So there's no reason that we all can't still have some fun while this is going on. I went swimming the other day for the first time this Summer and went to the new movie  San Andreas which was Earth Shattering to say the least. So, work hard, Go to the movie, go shopping, relax and watch an amazing process unfold that was figured out at the founding of our Nation by those who hoped our generation would remain free; the liberty of her Citizens preserved, protected, and defended by our United States Constitution."  

Of course the anticipation for this Case has been rising ever since it first hit the U.S. Supreme Court docket Report! American's are definitely in tune, and tuning in more and more on this from many different angles and perspectives. Key among those for Republicans is indeed wither three declared Presidential Candidates, U.S. Sen. Marco Rubio, U.S. Sen. Ted Cruz, and Florida Gov. Bobby Jindal, will be forced to retire their Campaigns for President, because they are indeed not eligible for the Office of the President failing the ' natural born Citizen' test of " Born in the U.S. to Citizen Parents"; again quite different than the qualifications in the Constitution set for U.S. Representatives and U.S. Senators which is "Citizen".  

This definition and differences of the Qualifications of those Offices has never reached the United States Supreme Court with two Presidential Candidates: one at odds with the qualification of the other, in our entire American History. This is presented as one of the KEY questions in this particular Case before the Justices of the Court.  

The date first anticipated for this Conference was indeed June 4th, 2015, but the  CertPool.com Cert Pool site for the Tenth Circuit Cases in the U.S. Supreme Court was so overwhelmed with inquiries after our  post its been shut down with technical problems every since, so we can not give you any more information off of that at this time. 

To explain a little about what will happen now that the United States Supreme Court has Docketed this case for certain Conference the 3rd Thursday of June,2015.  

All that is needed in the  Rule of Four test for Writ of Certioraris' is that four of the Justices must desire to hear further argument of the Case. The importance of that should be understood as you do not need a majority of the Court of nine, but a minority of four suffices. We do anticipate this to quite easily be the case, especially given the new relativity and neutrality given the Court because plainly it is not partisan, but affects both sides of the isle in the major political arena with Republicans and Democrats.  

Of course they do not make up the entirety of America. In fact recent polls released indicate a greater and greater number of Americans are entering the voting fields for elections as Independents, many because of the desertion and estrangement they feel towards the major parties abandonment of the principles characterized in the United States Constitution. In a recent  Gallup Poll conducted January 2015 in fact Independents outnumbered both Republicans and Democrats in percentages:  Republicans- 26% Democrats 30% and Independents 43%. This is just one of the many reasons Cody Robert Judy explained to the Court that deference to Republicans and Democrats should not be given in the representation of JUSTICE for America, especially in the Political Arena.

Cody said, "We are constantly seeing the Media feed America the stories of the Republicans and Democrats but though I've run in the Democratic Party primaries, I've always ended up in the Independent Arena because the old guard establishments acted as bullies in many ways. For instance not giving me as a Candidate in their party the names and email addresses of the members of the Democratic Party nation wide or even refusing to send out an Email I asked them as a Candidate to send out. This constantly happened in the 2012 Election while I was challenging Barack Obama for the Democratic Nomination. Of course a Court battle over something like that would take you a year, so its beyond the election and any Court would say so. This is not really representing America and all her interest and diversity as the Parties Champion in appearing to have BIG TENTs.  

Of course this is a political contest, a political race, and you have people in at the Control Booths making things difficult for those Candidates they personally don't favor. I have Emails to  Debbie Wasserman Schultz in 2012 testifying of what I'm saying. As the Democratic National Chairmen her name is on my law suit for just this particular reason. The one thing that is not, or we hope is not, confounded or controlled by the BIG Party money and influence is JUSTICE. If Justice has been bought and sold out to the political party than principle is indeed lost.  

The entire reason for an Independent Branch of Government we call the Judiciary, or Judicial Branch is that at its head are Justices that have life tenure for the very reason of not being forced to cater to an 'elections' process requiring money and influence. These Justices in the United States Supreme Court have a very high seat in that neither Republicans or Democrats can particularly tell them what to do as far as voting. That neutrality was the goal anyway for the most part it works. We saw Justice Roberts go a different direction than what many in the Republican Party expected on Obamacare the first go-around. He didn't get impeached for his position. 

So is "Independent" America being represented in Justice? This is a good question. One of the KEY reasons, I have never endorsed after the Primary Barack Obama was to maintain my 'good standing' in opposing his qualifications. That is why after the Primaries and the Democratic Party had chosen him in 2008, and 2012 to be their nominee I went as a write-in or an Independent Candidate. 

The  Standing Argument holds that only a Presidential Candidate can challenge the qualifications of 'natural born Citizen' on another Candidate because they are the ones receiving 'direct' harm where 'voters' are not in the Race. But what we have seen in the past reflections of the Court, for instance the U.S. Supreme Court Case I had in 2012  Judy v. Obama 12-5276 that originated from State Ballot Challenges from New Hampshire and then down to Georgia were not even granted a hearing by any Court in the Judicial Branch. On its face, that is quite an outrage to Independent Voting Americans.

Of course its never been articulated by any Court in a hearing, and both major parties have marginalized the request for Justice in hearings at the Legislative Level in Congress in what has been articulated as a protection of their own or good ole boys club formed in 2008 against the 'natural born Citizen' clause in a union between Republicans and Democrats legislatively in non-binding U.S. Senate Resolution 511 for R-U.S. Senator John McCain, but also co-sponsored by then D-U.S. Senator Hillary Clinton and non other than D-U.S. Senator Barack Obama ILL. talked more about on the  June 2nd Post of this Blog.  

We here at the Campaign would certainly wish to extend a GENUINE HAT-TIP to  The Drudge Report for saying in so many words with 5 Favorites of CRJ2016 Tweets " I don't have a HEADLINE to put on The Drudge Report about this!". We were quite excited Drudge shared that pain with us. At least someone in the Major Political Arena of Reporting recognizes the dedicated hard work Cody has gone through over the last six years unsung and unwritten in the pursuit of Justice for our Republic in really what is an unparalleled story of taking a stand for principle that holds the keys to the United States of America's national security. The fact it was as reported 'the most influential man in the American Media' is simply and undeniably an honor to Cody Robert Judy's 2016 Campaign for United States President and his fight for Principle over Political Party.

We here at the Campaign Head Quarters of Cody Robert Judy would like to thank everyone who has and will participate in passing this along as a service to Justice in America. As Americans across party lines, our interest should be in hoping the United States Supreme Court chooses to Form an Opinion on this Case as it is a very important matter affecting every voting American, our Elections, our Constitution, indeed our way of life, and Sovereignty. Justice is indeed the  KEY to upholding ourUnion in the United States of America. Those apposed to the Court hearing this really are labeling themselves opposed to our Union under the umbrella of our U.S. Constitution.  

"I sincerely pray in earnest every day my fellow Patriots for the Justices of the United States of America as well for all the Candidates that the establishment of our Supreme Law in the U.S. Constitution will be kept in tact that the Judgments of God will be stayed upon our Nation without measure upon all the inhabitants of all genders and ages. The heart of my plea is for those who are really innocent who I plead some how some way can be represented by my Championing of our Civil Rights." 

"Though my claim in the U.S. Supreme Court has only my name as the Plaintiff, I would that every American could see their name by mine in a Representation of Individual Rights here in America that so many have come for and enjoyed. To that end, I dedicated this song today as my Song of the Day. The words are inclusive of everyone.  BIG THINGS HAPPEN EVERY DAY and at the beginning of the video you see the U.S. Supreme Court. Let's all say a prayer tonight, I'd sure appreciate that from everyone of you, that our United States Constitution can and will be upheld in this most precious and plain principle for the Office of the President- Thank You - and God Bless You and may God Bless America" 

Cody Robert Judy - U.S. President 2016 
The 2016 Cody Robert Judy Campaign for U.S. President 
www.codyjudy.blogspot.com ;

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