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Case Judy v. Obama 14-9396? 


BREAKING NEWS REPORT: What IS DRUDGE Saying? Where are HEADLINES on SCOTUS Case Judy v. Obama 14-9396?

What exactly is  The DRUDGE REPORT trying to say in favoring no less than  four of our latest half dozen tweets at the Cody Robert Judy for President 2016 Twitter account? Of course Matt Drudge has been named one of the most powerful and influential characters in the Political Arena today. On May 7th the political powerhouse The Hill run a story with the headlines, " Is Matt Drudge the second most influential man in America?" calling him the single most influential man in America Media and posting the question is Drudge the second most powerful man in America?

The power of The Drudge Report has been in the simplicity of the political and eye-catching headlines in a world being drowned out or inundated with headlines. Reliability and trustworthiness have been noticeable hall marks attributing to the Drudge Reports success over its tenure. They would have to be or the credentials of news would be lost in a hurry. Consistently you can scan The Drudge Report and find the general speed of the Nation and World Reports. Does that make The Drudge Report a good Reporter writing detailed reports of everything going on? Absolutely not, that makes The Drudge Report a very good collector of headlines in the news. 

So what does it tell you when The Drudge Report favorites four Tweets of the Cody Robert Judy for President 2016 Campaign? Well, you can decipher it yourself, but what that tells us is even Matt Drudge cannot believe there are no headline stories being written about the little known Democratic Party Candidate whose run for President in 2008, 2012, and now 2016 with not a single National Story Report written in the face of Herculean Deeds for the Republic that constitute a politician whose doing much more than spouting off words to capture headlines and is much more about deeds that actually go to the root problem we face in America of our whole Republic being saturated with fraud. 

Where does the story rank in anyone's mind of the very real possibility that Mr. Obama is escorted out of the White House in handcuffs for fraud upon the Republic, fraud upon all of the contributors to his Campaigns for President,fraud upon the last two elections of the United States of America, and fraud upon Cody Robert Judy's Campaigns? Maybe the much simpler question is what is bigger than that in anyone's mind when it comes to a National Stories? 

Is ISIS bigger? Is Iran Proliferation Bigger? Is the Floods in Texas Bigger? Is former Governor Martin O'Malley's entry into the political arena or Hillary's Campaign or anyone of the twenty Republicans in the field for President now bigger? Is any national world story of any other foreign Country bigger? We think Matt Drudge at The Drudge Report grasp a sense that nothing is bigger or affects more American's and he just can not believe not a single national reporter for a single open news organization has grasps it, or the power in it. 

Just looking at the details of the Presidential Candidate with a case in the United States Supreme Court against Obama is pretty big..win.. lose or draw; not a single other Candidate for President in the fields on the Democratic or Republican side has anything remotely considered as a Primary Candidates consideration for actually taking a Recorded Action to preserve, protect and defend the Constitution. We remind everyone that is actually in the oath of the Office of the President. 

The other thing that we think Matt Drudge of The Drudge Report realizes in the detailed duty of his organization is the very real tear occurring in America that signals a greater problem than we have ever faced in racial divide. And that Cody Robert Judy in his actions over the last 6 years breaches that divide with character and the principles that The United States Constitution reflects upon the Nation, building a bridge for the racial barometer Obama seems bent on exasperating. 

The Media has constantly picked upon The Birther Issue as racial, but what do they say to the law suit Cody Robert Judy filed first as a Candidate for President in 2008 that if Sen. McCain had won very well could have tail spun the Nation into another election with the circumstances of an elected Candidate, who still didn't qualify for the Office as is spelled out in circumstances of happening in Amendment XX, SECT.3? Indeed in  Judy v. McCain the District Court Judge delayed, and delayed, and delayed again his ruling until after the election and than used the election results to determine the case was "moot". 

While that doesn't reflect upon Obama it does reflect on the conditions of the 2011 release of Obama's long form birth certificate, proven to be a fabrication that  could not have possibly been a copy of an original document, and that has been submitted as evidence within the U.S. Supreme  Court writ of Certiorari in Judy v. Obama 14-9396, along with other evidence that details fraud upon Obama's Selective Service and Social Security identification. Indeed the whole identity of Barack Obama/ aka Barry Soetoro is indeed now questioned in the strict criteria of A) Who exactly was elected and B)Is that person even qualified under the standards of the expectations "We The People" have decided are the qualifications for the Office of the President? 

We have a barrage of both Media Reports, populations assumptions, and scholarly opinions that now are saying the qualifications for the U.S. Senators and U.S. Representatives as "Citizen" is the exact same qualifications for the Office of the President's qualification of "natural born Citizen"; lending the question of why exactly would the founders have gone to any effort to make any of the Office qualifications different in the first place? That is in fact what the representations of U.S. Sen. Marco Rubio and U.S. Sen. Ted Cruz as well as Florida Gov. Bobby Jindal's campaigns for President are resting on, and its not a sure foundation at all. 

The KEY to their success actually rest upon Cody Robert Judy v. Barack Hussein Obama/aka Barry Soetoro et.al Case No.  14-9396, being dismissed and swept away like some car in a Texas Flood never to be seen again.  Believe the fact that there is a great deal of political force being waged now on the behalf of Mr. Obama's legacy by Republicans and Democrats, but we must ask ourselves at what expense to the Republic and those who do not affiliate themselves from any party on the conscripts of fraud? 

Does anyone personally staked out to become the victim of Fraud really attribute that as something they hope and aspire to elect and find in a Presidential Candidate? Why not look for the Candidates in Prison who have robbed banks, forged checks, and cranked out false identities with the goal of taking the life savings of your grandparents, parents, and children or those people you call family, and using the proceeds for themselves without asking? 

Who is famous among you that will stand up and state "I desire to be the victim of fraud?", George Clooney, You? Oprah Winfrey you? Tom Cruise, You? Brad Pitt, You? How about Angelina? Does she put up with Fraud Brad? You ask those people if they would like to have their life savings taken away with the use of Fraud, and see what they will say? We really don't even think drug dealers like to be taken in fraud. In the prison systems fraud will get you killed so you actually might be dealing with someone with some integrity if you did elect someone from prison. 

We know Hillary Clinton doesn't like fraud, or does she? She has personally been invited to file an Amicus Curiae in taking a stand for the Qualifications for the Office of the President twice on Twitter from CRJ2016's Camp, but we have not seen anything from her attorneys yet. So, we have to assume the answer is, "Yes, and she loves and admires those who commit fraud upon the American Public".  

There hasn't been a story written with those headlines for the Drudge Report to post. That actually might be a time sensitive story Hillary Clinton could not avoid or control, because of the natural time procedures of the Case in the U.S. Supreme Court reflecting upon her actions of being a champion of character for the people that she says she wants to be. 

Do you want a Champion who turns her back while fraud is committed and gives Barack Obama a big hug and says how much she really appreciates him and the outstanding job of fraud he has committed himself to? The real story is that these words are not fringe or harsh at all in the reflections of the Standard placed in front of the Court in Judy v. Obama  14-9396. These words are very civil in nature. 

The Drudge Report doesn't write stories, they post them, but if there are no stories written, what possible headline could Drudge Post on the Drudge Report? If he posted a headline directly from the communications of this Campaign it would most certainly be seen as a bias because he doesn't do that for other Candidates. The Drudge Report makes clear notices or favoring Tweets is not considered an endorsement of any Candidate. So, the public, the Drudge Report, and this Campaign are stuck at an impasse of reporters willing to write a story and that seems to be a bridge we all find ourselves on. This brings us to another topic.. Twitter.  


Two days ago, my campaign was indeed able to communicate this story to a list of regular top notch writing reporters. That's normally how you get a story out to a reporter fast and easy. Hey, here's a Pulitzer Prize for you that involves some 5 Presidential Candidates pretty directly, and the rest very easily indirectly as they all must indeed realize the Constitution of the United States provides a list of qualifications for the Office of the President they are running for. That ought to be a very ground floor basic consideration for them before the foreign policy is asked about. 

The next question would be how many of them would like their Campaign's sabotaged with fraud based upon their meeting those criteria, but someone else not measuring up to those qualifications and winning an election and calling them poor sports? Does that sound like someone else we know? Lance Armstrong was found out but not before winning how many world cup races and destroying the lives of those other racers who might have won? He was stripped of his titles from years back for cheating in the races and enhancing his performance with un-natural and illegal means. The same can be said for Barack Obama who in know way would have been elected if he came out and said, "Listen, these are my fake identifications. Here's my long form fabrications, my selective service fabrications, and you guys already have seen that my social security card could not pass and that I couldn't register for Obamacare. Now based on those qualifications and a couple of great speeches in 2002 please elect me because there's not likely to be a Candidate for President who has standing and makes a Case to the U.S. Supreme Court? So basically, I can get away with it for years!" 

There is no way that happens! So why should Obama be allowed to finish his 1.5 years in office with a record of damages another 'racer' is and has brought to the U.S. Supreme Court for Justice? Cody made the point very clear when the question came in?
Why not just let Obama finish his term of 1.5 years? Well, it takes a lot of time to exhaust state remedies and Cody's got some 15 Cases that have cost him quite a bit. Additionally, look we have many Senators and people in Offices now pushing and bullying the Qualifications in the Republican field and the action is dangerous to our National Security. 

How would anyone of us like half our incomes suddenly confiscated or our cars taken? This easily attributes the pain and damages motivating Cody's pursuit of Justice. He genuinely has suffered a lot of damages, and has not given that up. Now just because other Candidates did give up, doesn't make Obama's actions right, and it doesn't make Cody's legal actions any less significant either as fraud against anyone is a negative action. In fact, by giving up those other Candidates conceded the elections, Cody has never done that and the U.S. Supreme Court has his argument and his record in front of them. 

Recently, Cody sent the headlines of this story to Twitter to a group of Reporters who may just not have known about what was happening. There "Handles" on Twitter he includes here for the public consideration. These are reporters who have written major political stories of some kind very recently and had those published many featured on The Drudge Report. They include: 
@hunterschwarz, @DdavidGSauage,@Mollyhf,@JuriSense,@JakeTapper,@Toddgillman,@DavidZucchino,@Ruskygal,@DavidCloudLAT,@DylanByers,@StephenHayes,@bdomenech,@Gabby-Hoffman,@BuckSexton,@olivedarcy,@pagesixEmily,@llerer,@ANHQDC,@joebattenfeld.  

Additionally, Cody has released his stories to at least 4 to 5 Reporters in 2 to 4 major newspapers in every State of the Union and many Nationally Radio and Televised Programs on all the Major Networks consistently with a dozen articles written on this Blog just since the U.S. Supreme Court Case was Docketed. As far as being a great communicator it is very difficult not to see the over 500 Post on this Blog as a Book Report to the Media of every step politically that has transpired that would be called a transparency unparalleled with most of the Candidates self written work and action. The silence by the Media can only be described as a capitulation of Obama's Fraud due to not reporting the complaint to the public. 

Today, Cody tried to send out a Tweet on the CRJ2016 Twitter account @CodyRobertJudy2016 and received a message that he could not include Twitter addresses in his Tweets of people that did not follow him, even though the list above went out two days ago with no problem and none of those reporters followed him. What this does is make it very difficult to communicate a story to a Reporter on Twitter if they don't follow you. Cody did not abuse Tweeting to them numerous times, it was a single Tweet made to four or five of the reporters at a time due to the 120 character restraints placed on Tweets, but at least we do have that on his Twitter Record and the Public knows now. 

If these reporters are being threatened in anyway, they can certainly report that on their own account and social networks. They could even Tweet, "Hey, I can't write a story about CRJ2016 Judy v. Obama 14-9396, Boss said "No"", and I'm sure the public would understand. 

We here at the Campaign would certainly wish to extend a GENUINE HAT-TIP to  The Drudge Report for saying in so many words with 4 Favorites of CRJ2016 Tweets " I don't have a HEADLINE to put on The Drudge Report about this!". We were quite excited Drudge shared that pain with us. At least someone in the Major Political Arena of Reporting recognizes the dedicated hard work Cody has gone through over the last six years unsung and unwritten in the pursuit of Justice for our Republic in really what is an unparalleled story of taking a stand for principle that holds the keys to the United States of America's national security. The fact it was as reported 'the most influential man in the American Media' is simply and undeniably an honor to Cody Robert Judy's 2016 Campaign for United States President and his fight for Principle over Political Party.  

The 2016 Cody Robert Judy Campaign for U.S. President 

CAMPAIGN NEWS FLASH - Please visit a couple more of our Campaign Web Pages that are up, remodeled, and going. First the " Bio of Cody" page is up and also the " NEWS FLASH" page is up which details a news flash about Judy v. Obama 14-9396 in the United States Supreme Court

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