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Patriots Protest Putative President at Progressive PowWow at UCI Commencent

Above: UCI commencement attendees had to run a gauntlet of protesters upon exiting.

all photos by Constitutionalreset.com unless otherwise indicated

photo by Gary Wilmott http://giveusliberty1776.blogspot.com/2014/06/photographs-from-toda...

Constitutionalreset.com report:

Protesters from various places around the Southland converged on Angel Stadium Saturday 6/14 to let the world and attendees at the 50th anniversary commencement know that they aren't happy with their commencement speaker and want him kicked out of office. Some of the signs said why- Benghazi, constitutional violations, breaking immigration laws, ineligibility for office and more. 

Protesters were Tea Partiers, Libertarians, assorted Republicans, a religious group, even some Democrats with Obama Hitler mustache posters.

Instead of focusing on the graduates, Obama used the captive audience to talk about himself, inflate or distort his "accomplishments" and announce him (read us) giving a billion dollars to "fight Global Warming". He needs a captive audience to muster a crowd nowadays.

Motorists passing by on State College Boulevard seemed fairly sympathetic to the message and awarded quite a few honks and thumbs-ups. The commencement exiters weren't as sympathetic, awarding protesters more with stony stares, middle fingers, with only occasional approval, mostly from proud parents. We were photographed thousands of times with phone cameras.

KNBC Channel 4 recorded the protest and mentioned it briefly but extensive interviews with organizers Gary Wilmott of  http://giveusliberty1776.blogspot.com blog and Roger Ogden of Impeach Obama Now ended up on the cutting room floor. So, patriots, we once again rely upon you to spread the word, as Obama's lawbreaking, incompetence and destruction of our beloved nation reach crisis proportions.

Early arriving protesters start assembling in front of Angel Stadium on Saturday morning

The young and Occupiers rubbed shoulders with Tea Partiers in disapproval of the unconstitutional "President"

Some religious groups disapprove of the "Obama" "Presidency"

Organizer Gary Wilmott sums up part of the legal case: unconstitutional actions

Why does a protester cross the road?  To get attention. Photo by Gary Wilmott

Protesters lined all 4 corners and parking lot entrance

Protesters try out their signs in the shade of the Angels Stadium sign before the event

Some protesters are infuriated with "Obama's" lack of help with Sgt. Thamoressi wrongfully imprisoned in Mexico

The Left is infuriated by the Hitler mustache Obama depiction by LaRouche Democrats

Police presence was heavy, but with a light touch. We heard that a riot squad was held in reserve near I-5. When was the last Tea Party riot? :-).

Cavalry supplements Secret Service protection of "Obama." Photo by Gary Wilmott

Protesters awaited thousands leaving the venue about 1 PM

Obama was presumably in one of the three helicopters leaving the stadium and crossing State College Blvd.

photo by Gary Wilmott

News report- Forwarded  by Gary:

NBC Southern California


President Barack Obama was met by dozens of protesters outside Angel Stadium, where he delivered a commencement speech for UC Irvine. Reggie Kumar reports from Anaheim for the NBC4 News at 5 on Saturday, June 14, 2014.


Now, let us show you TRUE media bias on what went on :-)))



Nobama's speech

Obama Takes on Climate Change in UC Irvine Grad Speech



UCI College Republicans (YES, they DO exist) created this event program:




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